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Total Alkalinity is Important

Hello readers, this is our first post on our Arizona Pool Service blog.

Alkalinity definition: Measure of total alkaline materials dissolved in the water. Some materials are carbonates, bicarbonates, and hydroxides.

Most people don’t care about alkalinity, but what you should know, is alkalinity is very important.


TA for short is an important part of water chemistry. If left unchecked it can affect water clarity, buffering capabilities, and cost is more in the long run.

Low total alkalinity will cause:

-Etched plaster

-Corroded metals

-Stained plaster

-pH to creap, bounce, or drift lower.

-Eye & skin irritation

High total alkalinity will cause:

-Scale formation

-Cloudy water

-Difficulty in changing the pH or the pH will creep or drift up

-Eye & skin irritation

Thanks for reading, I hope you learned a bit.

If you ever have any questions give me a call at: 623-341-0236

John Honer

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